Samsung’s total investment in facilities last year exceeded 53 trillion won

Samsung released a business report on March 8th showing that their facility investment reached 5.31153 trillion won (US$ 39.997 billion) last year, a 10.1% increase from 48.2222 trillion won (US$36.5271 billion) in 2021 and a new record.

In 2022, Samsung invested 47.8717 trillion won  (US$36.2728 billion) in expanding semiconductor production facilities, accounting for 90.1% of the total investment, with 18.7696 trillion won (US$14.2175 billion) spent in the fourth quarter alone. Analysts say this is due to a significant increase in investment in memory production, such as the third and fourth production lines used in the Pyeongtaek factory in Korea. Despite the recent downturn in the global semiconductor industry, Samsung still spent 39.2% of the investment on memory and chose to increase investment in the face of economic recession.

Samsung has also significantly increased its investment in future technology research and development, with an investment amount of 24.9292 trillion won (US$18.8764) in 2022, a 10.3% increase, and R&D expenses accounting for 8.2% of total sales, up from 8.1% before. Business Korea reports that because Samsung started late in the advanced packaging field, they have hired a former senior engineer from TSMC as their vice president of advanced packaging in the semiconductor department to speed up the catching-up process.

Currently, the Americas, including the United States, are becoming Samsung’s largest sales region, with Samsung’s sales in the region reaching 65.9617 trillion won (US$49.9462 billion) in 2022, a 13% increase from the previous year, accounting for 31.1% of their sales, up 1.9 percentage points from 29.2% in 2021. On the other hand, Samsung’s sales in China fell from 59.7247 trillion won (US$45.2235 billion)  to 54.6998 trillion won  (US$41.4171 billion), a decrease of 8.4%, with the proportion of their sales dropping from 29.9% to 25.8%.

Via: businesskorea