Samsung’s new 65W fast charging has been certified

At the beginning of this month, there were rumors that Samsung was testing the 65W charging head required for the Galaxy S22 series, which was regarded as an important upgrade after the Galaxy S21 series. Since the maximum power of the Galaxy S21 series is only 25W while many Android brand smartphones are generally equipped with high-power fast charging, which has become a place where many users hope that Samsung can improve. In Samsung’s view, there are reasons to limit higher-power fast charging. This is to prevent the battery from aging prematurely, so it needs to be treated with caution.

According to Wccftech reports, Samsung’s unreleased 65W charging head has passed the Danish UL (Demko) certification, the model is EP-TA865 which supports PD and PPS standards, which means that in addition to smartphones, it should be possible to charge laptops and other products. This charging head can provide 65W of power at 20V and 3.25A, and can also provide 5V, 9V, and 15V output, which indicates that the upcoming Galaxy S22 series may support intelligent adaptive charging to extend battery life.

When users use the Galaxy S22 series smartphone to charge with this 65W charging head, the smartphone is likely to adjust the charging power according to the battery level, up to 65W. If the power reaches 50%, the charging power will be reduced, and the slowing of the charging speed will reduce the damage to the battery. In the Danish UL (Demko) certification, there is no mention of compatibility with the specific models of the Galaxy S22 series. It depends on the introduction of Samsung when it releases new smartphones. It is understood that even if the Galaxy S22 series smartphones support 65W fast charging, this charging head is unlikely to be bundled with the mobile phone.