Samsung’s AI Ambitions: Unveiling the Galaxy S24’s AI Capabilities

According to a report by galaxyclub, Samsung recently filed two trademarks, “AI Phone” and “AI Smartphone,” following its application for the “Samsung Glasses” trademark. The media outlet stated that the South Korean tech giant plans to introduce generative AI features on all Galaxy S24 models in early 2024, but there is no word yet on how well they will work. The report also mentioned that Samsung is developing other trademarks, such as “Magic Pixel,” “Flex Magic,” and “Flex Magic Pixel,” but their specific uses are unknown at this time.

As for the “AI Phone” and “AI Smartphone” trademarks, according to a report by Sammobile, Samsung is unlikely to be granted these trademarks because they are generic terms. However, it is clear from Samsung’s filing of these trademarks that the company is exploring ways to effectively market the Galaxy S24 series and that it is adding AI-related features to its new flagship models.

At the Exynos 2400 launch event, Samsung demonstrated the ability of AI to create text and image translations using the Exynos 2400 development version. In addition, with the support of the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, LLM (large language models) can now run on mobile devices. These developments indicate that Samsung has the hardware capabilities to add AI features to its smartphones.

As for the release date of the Galaxy S24 series, there are reports that Samsung plans to hold a launch event on January 17, 2024, in San Jose, California. Samsung also considered San Francisco and Seoul as possible locations but ultimately settled on San Jose. This is a departure from the company’s usual practice of holding Galaxy S series flagship launch events in February, and the venue for past Galaxy Unpacked events has typically been New York.