Samsung may have received orders from AMD and Tesla

Recently, during an investor discussion, Samsung stated that its foundry division plans to diversify its sales structure by expanding its clientele in sectors like artificial intelligence semiconductors and automotive. This move is aimed at reducing the historical over-reliance on the mobile sector. It is understood that this year, sales in mobile, high-performance computing, and automotive for Samsung’s foundry division accounted for 54%, 19%, and 11% respectively.

increase NAND flash memory prices

According to Wccftech, a Samsung executive mentioned that hyperscale data centers, automotive original equipment manufacturers, and other clients are approaching Samsung for their custom-designed chips. This includes the development of a 4nm artificial intelligence accelerator and a 5nm chip for the leading electric vehicle company. Samsung’s wafer foundry and memory divisions are well-equipped to turn imaginative concepts into reality, offering exactly what their clients need.

Samsung is currently developing its advanced packaging solution, known as “SAINT” (Samsung Advanced Interconnection Technology), set to compete with TSMC’s CoWoS packaging. From what Samsung has revealed, it seems likely that they are collaborating with AMD in the field of artificial intelligence to manufacture certain chips or modules.

There have been rumors that Samsung has already struck a deal with AMD to provide HBM3 and packaging technology for the upcoming Instinct MI300 series. Additionally, AMD might adopt a dual-source strategy for its next-generation chips, using TSMC’s 3nm and Samsung’s 4nm processes for the Zen 5 series architecture cores.

Apart from the field of artificial intelligence, Samsung is also believed to have received orders from Tesla. The rumors suggest that this might pertain to Tesla’s next-generation HW 5.0 chip, designed for fully autonomous driving applications.