Samsung will increase the retail price of Samsung Galaxy S23 series

Samsung will soon bring their new flagship Galaxy S23 series this year in early February. The new phone will of course be equipped with a better camera system and a stronger SoC, but the price may also be more expensive. According to the latest news, Samsung will increase the retail price of the new phone in some markets.

According to Twitter user Quandt, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series in the European market is more than 100 euros higher than the price of the previous generation Galaxy S22 series. Among them, in the Spanish and German markets, the 8GB+128GB storage version of the Galaxy S23 starts at 949 euros, while the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra is priced at 1579 euros, which is 130 euros more expensive than the previous generation. Markets in other European countries and regions will also experience varying degrees of growth.

Samsung is likely to be affected by the downward trend in the growth of the mobile phone market in the coming year, so as to increase the price of new phones to balance revenue. However, this price increase strategy is not implemented in all markets around the world. Samsung may maintain the same price in the US market, and there is no news of price increases in markets such as the UK, Italy, and South Korea.