Samsung showcases new generation GDDR7 memory

At the beginning of this month, JEDEC established specific standards for GDDR7 memory. At the ongoing GTC 2024, NVIDIA presented only its data center products, omitting any showcase of the Blackwell architecture designed for gaming. However, Samsung introduced GDDR7 memory prepared for the next generation of graphics cards.

It appears highly probable that NVIDIA’s next-generation RTX 50 series graphics cards will incorporate GDDR7 memory, with Samsung poised to become one of the pivotal suppliers. Hardwareluxx captured images of Samsung’s GDDR7 memory display at the GTC event. The frequency of GDDR7 memory will start from 28~32Gbps, with plans for a faster version reaching 37Gbps in the future. However, based on the leaked information about the RTX 50 series, it seems these new cards might not fully exploit the speed potential of GDDR7, as the memory frequency is set at 28Gbps.

Samsung’s showcased GDDR7 memory operates at 32Gbps, delivering a 33% bandwidth increase compared to the fastest existing GDDR6X, with a voltage rating of 1.1V similar to GDDR6. In contrast, GDDR6X requires 1.35V, indicating a higher energy efficiency for GDDR7. Furthermore, Samsung announced a 70% reduction in thermal resistance for the new memory, which would lower heat generation during operation and facilitate easier cooling than GDDR6X.

Despite numerous rumors surrounding the next-generation GeForce graphics cards, their release date remains uncertain. NVIDIA may unveil the RTX 50 series at some point this year, at which time we can fully assess the performance of the new GDDR7 memory.