Samsung released a new generation of Neo QLED/Micro LED/OLED TVs

Recently, Samsung launched its new Neo QLED, Micro LED, and OLED TVs in 2023 at the CES 2023 exhibition. Samsung said that this year’s lineup features advanced innovations focused on enhanced connectivity and personalized experiences.

The latest Neo QLED TVs are divided into 8K and 4K resolution products, applying improved Mini-LED technology, using Samsung’s neural quantum processor, and realizing functions such as shape-adaptive light control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro. Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLEDs power Samsung’s new Auto HDR Remastering. It uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects on Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content on a scene-by-scene basis, making SDR content brighter and livelier for absolute immersion.

Among them, the top model is QN900C, which uses a QLED panel with a 14-bit Mini-LED backlight, bringing a peak brightness of up to 4000 nits. With its built-in SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread single-chip module, users do not need to buy a special SmartThings dongle to connect Zigbee and Thread devices, and can easily control Samsung or third-party compatible devices to achieve seamless connection.

This year, Samsung’s Micro LED TV products cover a range from 50 inches to 140 inches, providing consumers with a wide range of choices to obtain unparalleled picture quality and viewing experience. The OLED TV product line will provide 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch models while retaining the advantages of OLED technology, it will improve brightness and color performance through quantum dot technology. Samsung OLED TV has obtained AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the first time, coupled with 144Hz refresh rate and smart functions including Samsung Gaming Hub, it is believed that it can bring players a good gaming experience.