Samsung Reimagines Mobile Chip Strategy: Exynos to “Dream Chip”

Samsung’s Exynos series, a crucial player in the realm of Samsung’s mobile technology, has existed for a considerable duration. However, in recent years, the Exynos series has faced setbacks, particularly in the high-end market, failing to achieve the success Samsung anticipated. Samsung now pins its hopes on the soon-to-be-released Exynos 2400 to reverse this trend. This new chip, set to be featured in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series launching in the first quarter of next year, aims to reposition Samsung in the premium SoC market.

Recent online discussions suggest that Samsung may be planning to rename the Exynos series to “Dream Chip,” possibly indicating a shift in Samsung’s entire mobile chip strategy.

Samsung Dream Chip

In the tech industry, rebranding naming systems is not uncommon. For example, Qualcomm, one of Samsung’s main competitors, previously renamed its high-end mobile SoCs to “Snapdragon 8 Gen x Mobile Platform,” replacing the former “Snapdragon 8xx” naming convention. This implies that Samsung’s future SoCs will be known as “Dream Chip,” perhaps accompanied by numerical designations. The specifics regarding the “Dream Chip” remain unclear, but given Samsung’s determination, significant changes might be on the horizon.

Rumors indicate that the Exynos 2500 is currently under development, designed by Samsung’s “Dream Team.” It is expected to feature four Cortex-X5 cores, two Cortex-A730 cores, and four Cortex-A520 cores, paired with a GPU customized using AMD technology, and the chip is already undergoing testing. Samsung urgently needs a flagship high-performance mobile SoC to regain confidence with a significant triumph. The Samsung Exynos 2500 could have the potential to be the inaugural product in the “Dream Chip” line.