Samsung plans to release Galaxy Book 4 series on December 15

Before its official unveiling, the design and specifications of Samsung’s latest generation, the Galaxy Book 4 series of notebooks, were leaked. This series comprises five models, all sharing the same I/O interface design. The Intel Meteor Lake is slated for release on December 14, 2023, and the Galaxy Book 4 series is anticipated to be among the first devices to incorporate this new processor.

According to reports from relevant media, Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Book 4 series on December 15, 2023, positioning it as the “world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) notebook computer.” It is rumored that the Galaxy Book 4 series might feature Samsung’s proprietary AI model, “Samsung Gauss,” utilizing the processor’s hardware AI capabilities to support localized operations.

It’s noteworthy that the Galaxy Book 3 series was released in February 2023. In a bid to quickly capture a significant share of the AI PC market, Samsung has accelerated the development of its next-generation products. However, the release date of the Galaxy Book 4 series of notebooks might be delayed. Some speculate that it may not be until after CES 2024 in early January 2024.