Samsung introduces the industry’s first 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM

Samsung announced that it has begun to provide the industry’s first GDDR6 DRAM with a rate of 24Gbps. The memory is based on Samsung’s 10nm-class 1z process and uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology to improve the graphics performance of next-generation graphics cards, laptops, and game consoles. It can also be used in AI-based applications and high-performance (HPC) systems.

According to Samsung, the 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM features an innovative circuit design and advanced insulating materials (HKMG) to minimize current leakage. Compared with the previous 18Gbps module, the speed has increased by 30%. Samsung’s new GDDR6 memory modules are fully JEDEC compliant and compatible with a wide range of GPUs, facilitating market adoption of relevant graphics solutions.

In fact, at the end of last year, Samsung began to provide partners with samples of GDDR6 memory with rates of 20Gbps and 24Gbps, which have also appeared in Samsung’s product catalog. With customer validation starting this month, Samsung’s 24Gbps GDDR6 memory modules will be commercialized to accompany the launch of the new GPUs, accelerating graphics innovation across the high-speed computing market.
In addition, Samsung’s GDDR6 memory modules also offer low-power options, available at 20Gbps and 16Gbps, to help laptops extend battery life. Its dynamic voltage switching (DVS) technology can adjust the working voltage according to performance requirements. When running at 1.1V, compared with the GDDR6 (1.35V) commonly used in the industry, the power efficiency is increased by 20%.

Samsung said it will continue to lead the global graphics memory market, with the high-performance graphics segment expected to grow at double-digit annual rates for the next few years.