Samsung denies forming a new team to develop CPU core

Recently, there have been reports that Samsung has formed a new team to develop customized CPU cores in order to reduce its reliance on the Arm public architecture, while also hoping to compete with Apple and Qualcomm’s similar chips. Samsung hopes to create chips that are not only suitable for smartphones, but also for tablets and laptops, implementing a strategy similar to Apple’s.

Samsung own CPU cores

In response to this issue, Samsung sent an official statement to Sammobile denying the related reports, stating that:

A recent media report that Samsung has established an internal team dedicated to CPU core development is not true. Contrary to the news, we have long had multiple internal teams responsible for CPU development and optimization, while constantly recruiting global talents from relevant fields.

Samsung’s statement seems to indicate that it has not yet begun developing customized CPU cores for future smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Rumors suggest that Samsung will try to provide a tailor-made SoC for the Galaxy S series by 2025. Even if Samsung develops new Exynos chips, it may continue to use Arm public CPU cores.