Samsung and LG are developing 8.7-generation substrates

At present, both Samsung and LG are actively expanding the production capacity of OLED panels, and at the same time choose to use larger substrates to produce OLED panels for IT equipment other than smartphones to cover more market segments.
According to The Elec, Samsung and LG are developing Gen 8.7 substrates (2290mm x 2620 mm), which are slightly larger than the Gen 8 substrates (2200mm x 2500 mm) typically used by manufacturers. Both vertical and horizontal directions have increased, and the larger area is expected to increase production efficiency by about 9%, a scale that rival BOE is also rumored to reach. Larger substrates mean more panels can be cut per unit, saving both time and cost while reducing the amount of glass wasted.

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However, the use of the 8.7-generation substrate means that Samsung and LG will not be able to use the equipment originally used in the 8.5-generation LCD production line, and it is likely that new equipment will need to be purchased. According to industry sources, Samsung and LG have considered reusing equipment from the 8.5-generation OLED production line to improve production efficiency. BOE acquired CEC Panda in 2020 and obtained the other party’s 8.7-generation LCD production line. If necessary, it can also transform into an 8.7-generation OLED production line.
Earlier reports said that Apple’s iPad product line will gradually transition to OLED screens, and OLED panels are being tested for future iPad series products. Perhaps Samsung and LG are doing related preparations for similar devices.