RTX 3060 Dominates Steam: February Survey Results

Recently, Valve disclosed the results of its Steam Hardware Survey for February 2024. In terms of graphics cards, which are central to gaming performance, several top-ranking GPUs saw slight increases in their shares. The RTX 3060 maintained its lead, with its share growing by 1.19 percentage points to 6.17%. The GTX 1650’s position remained unchanged at second, although its share slightly declined by 0.44 percentage points to 4.23%. The RTX 2060 leaped from fifth to third place, with a 0.62 percentage point increase to 4.12%. The GTX 1060 remained in fourth place, its share up by 0.22 percentage points to 3.9%. The RTX 3070, previously in the RTX 2060’s spot, climbed to fifth with a 0.72 percentage point increase to 3.85%. The RTX 3060 Ti stayed in sixth place, its share growing by 0.38 percentage points to 3.82%.

It is noteworthy that the RTX 4060, RTX 4060 Ti, and RTX 4070 all saw significant growth in their shares, increasing by 0.77, 0.56, and 0.61 percentage points to 1.99%, 1.77%, and 2.16%, respectively, indicating their rising popularity. Additionally, the RTX 3060 Mobile, previously in third place, dropped to seventh, with a decrease of 0.39 percentage points to 3.47%.

This survey also highlighted that Intel’s CPU share grew by 2.21% to 67.91%, while AMD’s share decreased by 2.2% to 32.05%. In terms of core count, eight-core CPUs are now nearly as common as four-core CPUs, each holding a 19.84% share, whereas six-core CPUs remain the most prevalent at 34.91%. Regarding operating systems, Windows 10 64-bit continues to dominate with the highest share of 55.91%, marking a 2.62 percentage point increase from the previous month, while Windows 11’s growth momentum has stalled, with its share decreasing by 2.55 percentage points to 43.29%.