Resident Evil Village for iPhone/iPad is available on the Apple App Store

At the bewitching hour of September 13th, during Apple’s illustrious event, the tech titan unveiled not only the entire spectrum of the iPhone 15 lineup but also serenaded gamers with an exhilarating revelation. Soon, titles such as the remastered “Resident Evil 4”, “Resident Evil 8: Village”, and “Assassin’s Creed: Phantom” are poised to grace the screens of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Resident Evil Village sale

Recently, per Capcom’s official announcement, the iPhone/iPad rendition of “Resident Evil Village” is slated for an official launch on October 30th. The game, already showcased on the Apple App Store for pre-ordering, tantalizes potential gamers with a complimentary download. This ‘play-before-you-pay’ model allows an initial foray into a portion of the game, post which one can deliberate on purchasing the full version. In a similar vein, the remastered “Resident Evil 4” is projected to launch within the year, with a precise date pending official confirmation. Notably, during an exclusive preview event, IGN extolled the game’s impeccable performance on the iPhone 15 Pro, lauding its consistent 30 FPS, superior textures, and crisp resolution.

Priced at 4,990 Japanese Yen, “Resident Evil Village” is available at a 60% discount from October 30th to November 20th, bringing its cost down to 1,990 Japanese Yen. Furthermore, the game comes augmented with the DLC “Winters Expansion Pack”. During its launch window, this DLC can be procured at a halved price of 1,000 Japanese Yen, bundled with the “Street Wolf” attire.

The iPhone/iPad edition of “Resident Evil Village” is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 5th generation with M1 chip)
  • iPad Pro (11-inch, 3rd generation with M1 chip)
  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 6th generation with M2 chip)
  • iPad Pro (11-inch, 4th generation with M2 chip)
  • iPad Air (5th generation with M1 chip)