November 26, 2020

Research: 13% of enterprises use the cloud completely

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Research by Contino, an enterprise transformation consulting company, found that only 13% of enterprises use cloud services heavily in their business. Michael Chalmers, managing director of Contino Europe, Middle East, and Africa, concluded: From research, the public cloud is increasingly becoming a core element of enterprise IT. Public cloud has been firmly rooted in the IT field of enterprises, but due to a few mature cloud applications, many enterprises are still in the transition period.

Contino interviewed 250 IT decision-makers from corporate companies in Europe, the United States, and APAC. Research results show that 42% have deployed multiple applications and projects in the cloud, 24% are still undergoing an initial proof of concept, and 18% are in the planning stage.

Security and compliance research is a key element for cloud adoption. 48% of respondents said that the biggest reason not to use the cloud is security, and 37% said it is for compliance considerations. There are other obstacles: lack of appropriate technology (29%), inability to present a business case (32%), and substantial investment in local data centers (31%).