Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

Report: 72% of people still use the same password on all websites

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The report shows that despite the risk of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in enterprises, the majority (72%) said they still use the same password on all sites.

Password security has always been a long-term battle. With the advancement of technology, password security not only threatens big companies, but even personal information has become an object of illegal embarrassment. However, large companies have taken enforcement steps to help maintain employee password security, including implementing password management rules, forcing employees to change passwords on a regular basis, and even replacing passwords with other authentication methods. However, for individual users, this level of enforcement is reduced and the threat is increased by dozens of times.


The survey found that respondents used an average of four passwords under one account. About 63% of respondents said they use the same passwords on both entertainment and important websites, even financial accounts.

According to the report, reusing passwords can easily lead to a network security vulnerability called credential filling, where hackers can obtain information from previous vulnerabilities to gain access to other accounts.

In order to remember the password, 68% of the users indicated that they would usually adjust the previously used password. The report also found that those who try to come up with more complex passwords often end up forgetting the password. Most of the respondents who had been hacked (89%) said they changed their password habits after they discovered the attack.