RedHat Satellite abandoned MongoDB and switched to PostgreSQL

Red Hat kills KDE

Red Hat announced that Red Hat Satellite will give up the underlying database MongoDB, and move to use PostgreSQL. System Management Solution for Managing RHEL Deployments, Red Hat Satellite will change its underlying database architecture from both MongoDB and PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL.

Red Hat kills KDE

Red Hat said that the two databases used in Red Hat Satellite are because multiple upstream products also use different databases, and now Red Hat will adjust the database architecture, and future versions will be converted to only use PostgreSQL databases.

Red Hat believes that PostgreSQL is a better solution for the Satellite, providing the data types and capabilities that the Satellite needs, and the consolidated database greatly simplifies the overall architecture of the Satellite, making supportability, data backup, and disaster recovery easier. Red Hat also said that Satellite removal of MongoDB is not expected to have a significant impact on performance, and they will also avoid affecting existing features of Satellite.

Red Hat said that they will continue to provide support for the released Red Hat Satellite Community Edition with MongoDB. Although MongoDB will no longer be updated for Satellite, fixes will be provided for problems found until they are no longer maintained.