Google launches Google Docs API lets you read and write documents programmatically

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Google Cloud Services provides a convenient document processing platform, but it can be cumbersome if you want to do advanced operations. Recently, Google finally launched the Google Docs API, which allows for more complex document operations on the platform. It helps developers to generate large amounts of documents, invoices, or contracts in the form of patterns, automate workflows and build content management services, and easily update textual materials after the event.

The new REST API provides three main application methods, including “automate processes, create documentation in bulk
generate invoices or contracts.” With this new API, companies can automatically generate specific files, such as bills, and connect to other data in Google files (such as customer contact information) to ensure that everything is up to date. The new API will also be integrated on the Zapier platform, bringing more automated workflows, allowing Google files to automatically fill in the necessary information to reduce the time required to manually enter data.