Reddit Revives IPO Plans: Social Media Giant Prepares for Public Offering

Having previously attempted to go public at the end of 2021 but without success, Reddit is now reportedly planning to apply for a stock market listing as early as the first quarter of next year.

Reddit, rumored to be applying for a stock market listing again, possibly in the first quarter of next year, has not responded to these claims.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Reddit has stated that it is currently in a quiet period and, therefore, cannot comment on the rumors regarding its listing.

Reddit had initially filed for an IPO at the end of 2021, aiming to raise $700 million in public funding. In January 2022, the company even sought assistance from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs for its IPO. However, the subsequent listing did not materialize, and at that time, its estimated market value had increased to around $15 billion.

Reddit was founded in late June 2005 in San Francisco. Operating in a format akin to a BBS, it allows free account registration, enabling users to post content through text or links. Other users can respond to and vote on these posts, with the popularity of each post determining its ranking on the homepage or in subcategories.