Android Beta Program community will be completely transferred to Reddit

Android Q

Google has previously announced that it will close its social networking Google+ personal user version, and Google’s own official discussion is also in this community. For example, the Android Beta Program community is on Google+, and the community affected by the closure is now also required to migrate.

Android Q

The latest official announcement of Android Beta indicates that the current moderator is packing up and removing all the paintings from Google+. Simply put, the community moves and migrates completely to the Reddit community, and Google staff will also be in the new community and post updates and day-to-day management.

Andrea Gotschin, a Moderator on Android Beta Program community wrote:

We’ve received a lot of great feedback and insight from all of you on Google+ throughout the previous beta releases. This community has had direct impact in helping us evolve the platform. We look forward to continued lively discussions over on Reddit!

While the Android Pie beta is complete, all future announcements and updates on our next Android Beta program will be posted on our new Android Beta Reddit Community! Stay tuned…

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