Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 released

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 is released. The latest updates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 are designed to provide control, confidence and freedom for demanding business environments, keep pace with cloud-native innovations, and support new and existing production operations across many footprints of enterprise IT. To better support enterprise-class hybrid clouds while still supporting traditional IT solutions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 adds new features and enhancements, emphasizing security and compliance features, management and automation, and innovation in Linux containers.



Installer and image creation

Modules can now be disabled during Kickstart installation

With this enhancement, users can now disable a module to prevent the installation of packages from the module. To disable a module during Kickstart installation, use the command:

module --name=foo --stream=bar --disable


Support for the repo.git section to blueprints is now available

A new repo.git blueprint section allows users to include extra files in their image build. The files must be hosted in git repository that is accessible from the lorax-composer build server.


Image Builder now supports image creation for more cloud providers

With this update, the Image Builder expanded the number of Cloud Providers that the Image Builder can create an image for. As a result, now you can create RHEL images that can be deployed also on Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud as well as run the custom instances on these platforms.