Red Dead Redemption lands on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Perhaps many have already heard the news that Rockstar is in the process of crafting a remastered, or even a remake, of “Red Dead Redemption.” Last night, Rockstar officially announced the existence of this project, and in many ways, this “new game” is far removed from what many had envisioned.

This edition of “Red Dead Redemption” includes the main game as well as the “Undead Nightmare” expansion pack. In the press release, Rockstar stated that these are being freshly ported by Double Eleven Studio, meaning that there will be no visual enhancements whatsoever, merely a transfer of the game from seventh-generation consoles like Xbox 360/PS3 to more contemporary platforms.

It’s worth mentioning that Double Eleven Studio is a British video game company that has collaborated with Bethesda, Mojang, and others in game development. Its two founders, Lee Hutchinson, and Matt Shepcar, previously served as lead engineers at Rockstar Leeds and have participated in the development of multiple “GTA” titles.

Yet even on these more modern platforms, the landing platforms for this edition of “Red Dead Redemption” will only be Switch and PS4, without even PC and Xbox versions! For PlayStation 5 players, Rockstar has indicated that they can use the console’s backward compatibility feature to play the game. (Though it’s not explicitly stated, personal speculation suggests that the lack of an Xbox version may be due to Microsoft having implemented backward compatibility for Xbox 360 early on, thus negating the need for Rockstar to produce a corresponding version.)

However, on a positive note, this edition of “Red Dead Redemption” offers further localization into more languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Latin American Spanish, among others.

As for the pricing, the bundle will be available on the Switch eShop and PlayStation Store for $49.99. The digital version will be released on August 17th, while the physical edition will be launched on October 13th.