Razer Introduces Kaira Hyperspeed Xbox Edition Wireless Headphones

Razer announces the launch of the Kaira Hyperspeed Xbox Edition wireless headphones. The company asserts that these gaming headphones, featuring a 2.4GHz wireless connection and unparalleled audio technology, grant players an auditory advantage anywhere, delivering profound immersion and unrestrained freedom to conquer any game.

Equipped with Triforce 50mm titanium drivers, the Kaira Hyperspeed Xbox wireless headphones allow for individual tuning of high, mid, and low frequencies, producing brighter, clearer sound quality. The Flowknit memory foam ear cushions employ breathable material for enhanced comfort and superior noise isolation. Supporting HyperSpeed Wireless technology, the headphones offer lower latency and faster response. They also provide low-power Bluetooth connectivity, enabling dual wireless modes and cross-platform compatibility, as well as seamless switching to smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices. With a 30-hour battery life, optimized management ensures uninterrupted, long-lasting use, reducing the need for frequent charging and prolonging gaming sessions.

The new wireless headphones are outfitted with the HyperClear Razer noise-canceling cardioid microphone, covering a broader frequency range and capturing more detail for high-definition, professional-grade voice quality. Surpassing gamers’ expectations for wireless headphone microphone performance, every conversation with teammates is rendered clearer, richer, and more natural.

The Kaira Hyperspeed Xbox wireless headphones are available in black and white color options, currently listed on Razer’s official online store for $129.99, with a two-year warranty.