Intel discontinues its Gemini Lake Refresh processors

Recently, Intel issued two [1,2] Product Change Notifications (PCNs) indicating the discontinuation of its Gemini Lake Refresh processors. Launched in 2019, these processors were designed for Pentium and Celeron brands, typically found in entry-level or ultra-low-power desktops, laptops, mini PCs, and all-in-one systems.

Gemini Lake first emerged in 2017, featuring the Goldmont+ microarchitecture and lacking hyperthreading. With a maximum of four cores, it served as a successor to the Apollo Lake processor. Intel subsequently introduced the Gemini Lake Refresh in 2019, raising the core frequencies for 6W and 10W TDP products. The J series, with a 10W TDP, targeted desktops, while the 6W TDP N series catered to mobile devices. The combined lifespans of Gemini Lake and Gemini Lake Refresh were quite lengthy, although the former exited the market in 2020.

The discontinued Gemini Lake Refresh processors include the following models:

  • Pentium Silver J5040
  • Pentium Silver N5030
  • Celeron J4125
  • Celeron N4120
  • Celeron J4025
  • Celeron N4020
  • Celeron N4020C

According to Intel’s schedule, customers may place orders for the Celeron J4025, Pentium Silver J5040, Celeron N4020C, and Celeron J4125 until August 25, 2023, and for the Celeron N4120, Celeron N4020, and Pentium Silver N5030 until November 24, 2023. Intel plans to ship the former group before May 24, 2024, and the latter group before February 23, 2024.

With the phasing out of Gemini Lake Refresh, Jasper Lake will become the default entry-level option. Incorporating the new Tremont microarchitecture and a 10nm process, it retains a maximum of four cores, albeit with slightly higher frequencies, resulting in a 32% IPC improvement compared to previous products. In the low-end market, Intel also offers Elkhart Lake, which similarly utilizes the Tremont microarchitecture and a 10nm process, focusing on a variety of Internet of Things devices.