Raspberry Pi Pico W with Wi-Fi wireless connectivity is priced at $6

The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched a Raspberry Pi Pico miniature control board last year, equipped with their self-developed RP2040 chip. The cost has been greatly reduced so that the price of Pico is only $4, which is widely welcomed by some makers and IoT products. By this year, nearly 200 million have been shipped. Now the Raspberry Pi Pico has a small but powerful upgrade, which is the addition of Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.

This new version of the Raspberry Pi Pico W has raised the price to $6, which should be mainly due to the increased cost of the Wi-Fi chip. This CYW43439 from Infineon provides 802.11n wireless connectivity. It can greatly expand the application scope of Raspberry Pi Pico, such as wireless control of smart home devices, which is also a function that many Pico users have been eagerly looking for.

This CYW43439 actually supports a low-power Bluetooth connection, but it is currently disabled and will be enabled in the future. As for the other parts, it is the same as the original Raspberry Pi Pico, including the self-developed RP2040 chip, 264kB on-chip SRAM, 2MB flash memory, microUSB power supply, and a newly added 3pin debug interface, etc.

In addition, the Raspberry Pi Pico W has a WH version with pre-soldered pins. The price is $1 more expensive, but it will not ship until August, and the Raspberry Pi Pico W is already on sale.