Qualcomm announces another agreement with Apple to continue supplying 5G networking chips until 2026

In response to market rumors suggesting that Apple is poised to release its proprietary 5G modem chip in 2025, thus diminishing its reliance on Qualcomm’s provisions, Qualcomm has promptly issued a statement. The declaration reveals an agreement with Apple, ensuring not only a continuation of Snapdragon 5G modem chip supplies in 2024 but also an enduring partnership for chip provisions for 2025 and 2026.

Given this development, it is inferred that iPhones produced from this year through to 2026 will still incorporate Qualcomm’s 5G modem chips. This simultaneously indicates potential impediments in Apple’s progress concerning the rumored development of its 5G modem chip.

LGA Reference Designs

Earlier speculations surmised that Apple intended to pilot the performance of its in-house 5G modem chip with the new iPhone SE variant, rather than its flagship models. This cautious approach was aimed at minimizing potential user experience risks, be it subpar connectivity or exacerbated battery drainage. Therefore, the decision to test within the iPhone SE bounds evidently carries lesser ramifications.

Further discourse also alleges Apple’s plan to venture into crafting its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, intending to supersede the products previously supplied by Broadcom. This strategic move would endow iPhones with greater autonomy concerning crucial components.

From Apple’s perspective, delving into proprietary chip design principally aims at achieving a seamless integration of software and hardware. Simultaneously, it ensures elevated design autonomy for its products, rather than being tethered to external dependencies.