PlayStation Handheld Revived: PS4 Games On-the-Go with New AMD SoC?

Early PSP players will undoubtedly have fond memories of this handheld gaming device, which exceeded Sony’s expectations in popularity. However, with the rise of smartphones, the subsequent PSV struggled to replicate its predecessor’s success, prompting Sony to temporarily exit the handheld market.

According to Wccftech, recent information suggests that Sony might be developing a new PlayStation handheld, with its initial game lineup consisting of PlayStation 4 titles. It is said to feature a custom AMD SoC and is currently in the “advanced design” stage, indicating that its release is at least two years away. This news is not entirely surprising, as the release of the Steam Deck in recent years has revitalized the handheld market, winning back the favor of gamers.

Sony previously released the PlayStation Portal, a streaming device. Despite its $199.99 price tag appearing high, Sony executives claim that this PlayStation 5 accessory is profitable. However, the reception has been mixed, with major drawbacks being its limited functionality and noticeable connection latency.

In comparison, the rumored PlayStation handheld is expected to be far more powerful, considered a true successor to the PSP. Given the lengthy development period before its release, it is likely to coincide closely with the next-generation PlayStation 6 console, leading some to speculate that the two might belong to the same era and be designed for complementary use.