PlayStation 5 sales continued to grow, with cumulative shipments reaching 46.6 million units

In Sony’s 2023 fiscal year second quarter financial results, it was revealed that the previous quarter’s total revenue was 282.86 billion yen, representing an 8% increase from the same period last year. Net profit, on the other hand, decreased by 29% to 26.3 billion yen.

The PlayStation business was particularly strong, with revenue and net profit increasing by 32% and 16%, respectively. PlayStation 5 shipments in the previous quarter reached a record 4.9 million units, an increase of more than 1.6 million units from the previous quarter. This brings the cumulative shipments of PlayStation 5 to 46.6 million units since its launch. Sony’s recent announcement of a new slim PlayStation 5 is expected to further boost shipments of the console.

PlayStation 5 Pro CPU

Game and software sales reached 67.6 million units, an increase of 5.1 million units from the same period last year. However, sales of Sony-owned titles only accumulated 4.7 million units. Sony is optimistic that the next quarter’s financial report will show improvement, especially as “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” has already accumulated sales of 5 million units in just 11 days since its release.

In addition to the strong performance of the gaming business, other businesses, such as music and movies, also showed significant growth. However, the revenue and profit of entertainment, technology, and services businesses, including TVs, cameras, and smartphones, declined significantly from last year. The image sensor business showed significant sales growth, but profits declined.