Pakistan announced the ban on TikTok

The National Telecommunications Administration of Pakistan issued an announcement recently stating that the country will completely block the popular short video application TikTok that does not comply with the regulations.

The so-called non-compliance refers to TikTok’s failure to control indecent content as required by Pakistan. Pakistan stated that it has received complaints from all walks of life about the indecent content of the app.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority stated that TikTok has been given a considerable amount of time to control indecent content, but the company has completely failed to comply with the requirements of the Pakistani government.

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Based on this, Pakistan announced that TikTok will be completely banned in response to the company’s non-compliance. It is still unknown whether it can be unblocked in the future. TikTok said that the company has adopted strong content management measures, hoping to return to Pakistan.

The National Telecommunications Administration of Pakistan has previously banned a number of social networking and dating apps, including dating apps like Tinder, which is very popular.

Tinder-type dating apps were accused of indecent content and caused quite a few complaints. Pakistan blocked this dating app after receiving no response.

Statistics show that TikTok has been downloaded more than 43 million times in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 12th largest market for TikTok in terms of installations and users.

Via: Aljazeera