Rsyslog 8.32.0 release, a rocket-fast system for log processing


Rsyslog is a rocket-fast system for log processing. It offers high-performance, great security features, and a modular design. While it started as a regular syslogd, rsyslog has evolved into a kind of swiss army knife of logging, being able to accept inputs from a wide variety of sources, transform them, and output to the results to diverse destinations. Rsyslog […]


KeePass 2.38 release, cross-platform password management tool


KeePass 2.38 major updates are enhancements to the user interface integration, as well as a variety of other small features and improvements. Hash sums and  OpenPGP signatures can be used for integrity checking, and binary files have been digitally signed (Authenticode). New Features: The installers (regular and MSI) now create an empty ‘Languages’ folder in the application directory, and […]

Zabbix 3

Zabbix 4.0.0 alpha2 & 3.4.6rc1 released, open source distributed system monitoring


Zabbix 4.0.0 alpha2 & 3.4.6rc1 are released. Zabbix is a Web interface based on the provision of distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities of the enterprise-class open source solutions. Zabbix Features Monitor EverythingEverything inside your network can be monitored: performance and availability of servers, WEB applications, databases, networking equipment and more. Enterprise ReadyZabbix is […]

FileZilla client

FileZilla Client 3.30.0 released, FTP solution


FileZilla Client is a fast, trustworthy FTP client and server-side open source program with a variety of features and intuitive interfaces. Features Among others, the features of FileZilla include the following: Easy to use Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Cross-platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X […]


dbeaver 4.3.2 releases, Free universal database manager and SQL client


DBeaver Free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators, and analysts. Supports any database which has JDBC driver (which basically means – ANY database). EE version also supports non-JDBC datasources (WMI, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis). Has a lot of features including metadata editor, SQL editor, rich data editor, ERD, data export/import/migration, SQL execution plans, etc. Based […]