Over 233,000 IDF Documents Compromised in Alleged Anonymous Attack

As a result of an alleged cyberattack by a hacking group associated with the Anonymous collective, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) faced claims of compromising confidential data. According to the hackers, they accessed 20 gigabytes of information, including over 233,000 military documents in various formats such as PDF files, Word documents, and presentations.

In contrast, the defense ministry denies any breach, emphasizing that their multilayered, secure computer systems are unlikely to have been directly compromised. They suggest that if any hacking did occur, it likely involved civilian systems.

Moobot botnet

The hackers released a video purportedly showing real fragments of IDF presentations, but the department considers this a potential act of psychological warfare, casting doubt on the authenticity of the materials.

Earlier this month, the same group allegedly conducted a cyberattack on the IT infrastructure of Israel’s Ministry of Justice, claiming to have penetrated the ministry’s security systems and downloaded over 300 gigabytes of data. According to the hackers, the data cache contains 8 million files, including sensitive personal information.

The motives of the group remain unclear, however, some of its members have expressed anti-Israel sentiments, potentially linking the attack to a broader geopolitical agenda.

It is also entirely possible that no compromise occurred. A similar strategy was observed last month with the Mogilevich group, which merely spread rumors about allegedly hacking several major companies, then grandly proclaimed it “the greatest cyber deception.”

According to The Jerusalem Post, the national cyber agency had previously issued a warning about a surge in cyberattacks following Ramadan, targeting Israel’s online infrastructure, including websites, digital systems, and sensitive data leaks. Additionally, hackers may utilize surveillance software and attempt to illegally access systems for espionage or sabotage purposes.