Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 releases: an enterprise-class Linux distribution

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux (OL, formerly known as Oracle Enterprise Linux) is a Linux distribution packaged and freely distributed by Oracle, available partially under the GNU General Public License since late 2006. It is compiled from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code, replacing Red Hat branding with Oracle’s. It is also used by Oracle Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems such as Oracle Exadata and others.

Potential users can freely download Oracle Linux through Oracle’s E-delivery service (Oracle Software Delivery Cloud) or from a variety of mirror sites, and can deploy and distribute it without cost.The company’s Oracle Linux Support program aims to provide commercial technical support, covering Oracle Linux and existing RHEL or CentOS installations but without any certification from the former (i.e. without re-installation or re-boot). via_Wiki

Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 releases.


Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 ships with the following kernel packages, that include bug fixes, security fixes and enhancements:

  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 5 (kernel-uek-4.14.35-1902.3.2.el7) for x86-64 and aarch64
  • Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK) (kernel-3.10.0-1062.el7) for x86-64 only

Notable new features for all architectures

  • NetworkManager
    • NetworkManager enables you to configure virtual LAN (VLAN) filtering on bridge interfaces, and define VLANs directly on bridge ports. NetworkManager also adds the capability to configure policy routing rules by using the GUI.
  • Security
    • Package Updates for Network Security Services (NSS), scap-security-guide and shadow-utils.
    • SCAP Security Guide support for Universal Base Image (UBI) containers and images. UBI containers and images can now be scanned against any profile that is shipped in the SCAP Security Guide. Rules that are inapplicable to UBI images and containers are automatically skipped.

Important changes introduced in this release

  • btrfs: Starting with Oracle Linux 7 Update 4, btrfs is deprecated in RHCK. Note that BTRFS is fully supported with UEK R4 and UEK R5.
  • MySQL Community Packages: Starting with Oracle Linux 7 Update 5, the MySQL Community Packages are no longer included on the Oracle Linux 7 ISO. These packages are available for download from the Oracle Linux yum server and ULN.

Notable features available as a technology preview in RHCK

  • Systemd
    • Importd features for container image imports and exports
  • File Systems
    • Block and object storage layouts for parallel NFS (pNFS)
    • DAX (Direct Access) for direct persistent memory mapping from an application for the ext4 and XFS file systems
    • OverlayFS remains in technical preview
  • Kernel
    • Heterogeneous memory management (HMM)
    • No-IOMMU mode virtual I/O feature
  • Networking
    • Cisco VIC InfiniBand kernel driver and Cisco libusnic_verbs driver for Cisco User Space Network
    • Single-Root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) in the qlcnic driver
    • Cisco proprietary User Space Network Interface Controller in UCM servers provided in the libusnic_verbs driver
    • Trusted Network Connect
  • Storage
    • Multi-queue I/O scheduling for SCSI (disabled by default)
    • Plug-in for the libStorageMgmt API used for storage array management