Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Elive 3.8.1 BETA released, Linux distro based on Debian

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Elive is a very stablenon-commercial and cost-free operating system that replaces your default system in your computer, it is raised by donations and is developed and maintained by one person.

Elive provides an intuitive experience in a fully complete system ready for daily use. The desktop is a very customized version of Enlightenment which offers a light and beautiful experience that works great on even the oldest computers and uses Debian as a base to provide a perfectly stable and powerful system.

It can be run directly in the Live mode without the need to install having an own guided persistence feature, and if you want to convert your computer in a powerful workstation our very friendly installer includes much features to ease the process.

Elive is a mix between an easy to use a system for non-experienced users and includes incredibly useful tools for the advanced ones, this hybrid comes in the form of a clean and beautiful desktop yet powerful to do any task.



  • Lightness & Speed
  • Eyecandy, effects, and beautiful desktop
  • Intuitive & Simplicity
  • Guided and Automated
  • Complete, full of apps and features
  • Multimedia
  • Own features and integration
  • Futuristic and clean desktop
  • Comfortable to work
  • Virus-free, Ads-free, Cost-free
  • No need to install & saves sessions
  • Installer with migration, upgrade, and auto modes
  • Runs on 256 MB of RAM and 500 Mhz CPU
  • Full root access
  • Programing Features

Changelog v3.8.1 BETA

  • Updated system to the last Debian Buster base
  • Reduced RAM resources usage
  • Build improvements: these new ISOs includes persistence + UEFI + SecureBoot all in a single build, we no longer require the special USB build to have only the persistence feature
  • Language and keyboard improvements and an own tool included
  • Thunar features: Admin mode fixed, the feature to set an image as wallpaper now works wih E16 too
  • Browsers updated, firefox is available now with the quantum features, netsurf is included back as an extremly light alternative, palemoon is also available optionally on the repositories
  • Kernel updates in the installed system are more reliable now
  • Free Software Only: The installer has been improved to allow the user to select to have only free software on his instalation
  • Other fixes: xpad and elicit applications has been fixed and working back, bluetooth bug when AC is fixed, timezone detection improved, the installer includes some new fixes and improvements too
  • Other changes: the 32bit build uses now the default kernel provided by the Debian release instead of an updated one, since 32bit machines doesn’t require the last updated one. This improves the overall compatibility and resources usage in the OS