Optane DC P4800X SSD with PCIe interface will stop shipping on September 30 this year

According to previous reports, Intel decided to terminate the shipment of all Optane DC P4800X SSDs using Memory Drive Technology (MDT) in April 2021 and announced that Optane DC P4800X SSDs have entered the EOL (End-Of-Life) stage. According to TomsHardware, Intel recently notified customers that it plans to stop shipments of Optane DC P4800X SSDs that use PCIe 3.0 x4 interface expansion cards.
Intel stated that customers should place orders for the above products before May 30, 2023, and the final shipment date will be September 30, 2023. The current 2.5-inch Optane SSD DC D4800X SSD with U.2 interface has not been affected, but obviously, the prospect of this interface hard disk is not optimistic.

Intel officially confirmed that it will shut down the Optane business in its earnings conference call in the second quarter of 2022, which will result in an impairment of $559 million. Intel is still selling Optane P1600X and Optane DC P5800X/P5801X SSDs based on 3D XPoint flash memory to data centers. Considering that 3D XPoint flash has been discontinued, it is likely that these products will also be discontinued once the inventory is depleted.

The Optane DC P4800X SSD was launched in 2017. It has three capacity specifications of 375GB, 750GB, and 1.5TB. The DWPD of the 375GB version is 30, and the PBW is 12.3. Compared with storage products using NAND flash memory, Intel Optane products have excellent durability, but high prices are also a major reason that hinders it from expanding its market share.
According to a slide leaked some time ago, Intel seems to be preparing to release the third-generation Optane product code-named “Crow Pass” for use with Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids processors. If the third-generation Optane products are successfully launched, the Optane product line may last for a few years, but Intel has already focused on products based on the CXL specification in the future.