OPPO Find X2 series will have Android 11 Beta later this month

Earlier, OnePlus has started to launch an Android 11 Beta version to OnePlus 8 series users. Of course, these new versions are called Developer Preview Versions in OnePlus. It is not a public beta version. After all, there are many adaptation problems, so it is not It is suitable for ordinary users to experience.

The Android 11 Beta version currently mainly supports the Google Pixel series, but as previously rumored, manufacturers such as OPPO, vivo, Sony, Nokia, Samsung, and others will also participate in the test. Of course, only some new devices and flagship machines in order to get the latest Android 11 Beta test.

Android 11 picture-in-picture

These are not directly provided by Google to third-party devices but require manufacturers to adapt and then launch, so the release time is naturally unlikely to be synchronized with Google’s release time. For example, OPPO said that it will be the first to push Android 11 Beta to OPPO Find X2 and OPPO Find X2 Pro later this month.

You can read our in-depth coverage of the first beta release, but here’s a quick rundown of the highlights:

  • People
    • “Conversations” section in the notifications
    • Bubbles notifications
    • Consolidated Keyboard Suggestions
    • On-device visual cortex for voice commands
  • Controls
    • Smart Home controls in the Power Menu
    • Redesigned media controls
  • Privacy
    • One-Time permissions
    • Permissions Auto-Reset

Via: XDA