300,000 Nintendo user accounts have been hacked due to system vulnerabilities

Earlier, some Nintendo users found that their accounts had problems with remote login and piracy, and after a large number of user feedback, Nintendo officials also announced an investigation.

In previous investigations, Nintendo confirmed that there is a security problem with its login system, and the attacker bypassed security detection through the Nintendo Network ID system.

This login system is Nintendo’s previous login system that is now rarely used, but in terms of login, different login systems can still communicate with each other.

The hacker also took advantage of this flaw to take over a large number of users’ Nintendo accounts, and then stolen and purchased certain game coins in the account bound to the payment information.

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Image: Nintendo

In the previous investigation, Nintendo found that about 160,000 user accounts were hacked. In the latest statement, Nintendo said that 140,000 accounts were also attacked.

In total, 300,000 accounts have been attacked. This situation is considered a major security issue for any company, and the vulnerability has been blocked.

Nintendo said that after the attack was discovered, the login system vulnerability has been blocked in time, and then the company resets all affected account passwords in batches.

Affected users will receive an email from Nintendo and request a password reset. Nintendo also recommends that users bind multi-factor authentication.

Via: TechCrunch