KB4560960 & KB4557957 for Windows 10 break down printers

Printers are a super troublesome device for many companies. Usually, companies must use printers, but printers always have various problems in the configuration.

But sometimes the printer failure may not be a problem of the printer itself and the driver, this time, the cumulative update released by Microsoft resulting in abnormal printer communication.

For example, this month’s routine cumulative update released by Microsoft led to abnormalities in printers for Windows 10 Version 1909 and V2004.

The corresponding cumulative updates are KB4560960/KB4557957, these cumulative updates seem to cause some printer drivers to be incompatible.

Windows 10 v2004 enterprise

According to the discussions of users in Microsoft official forum, some printer devices such as Canon, Brother, and Ricoh have found abnormalities.

Has anyone had issues today with printing and the latest Windows update? We’re seeing problems with Ricoh printers that were previously stable. Changing the print driver seems to help but that’s going to be a pain if I have to roll it out to too many clients,” one user noted.

It is unclear whether Canon and Brother printers can be resolved through driver fine-tuning, but this may be a headache for companies.

There are also users who can connect to the printer normally after installing the update, but when they try to print the document, the document disappears after a few seconds.

“After this update, documents in my printing queue appeared for a second then disappeared. Uninstalling this update immediately fixed the problem,” another user wrote in Microsoft’s forum.

It has been tested that if the latest cumulative update is uninstalled, this problem can be solved. After the uninstallation, the printer connection returns to normal immediately and there is no performance problem.

Therefore, the simplest and quickest solution for enterprises now is to uninstall the update directly. After all, if you wait for Microsoft to repair it, you may have to wait until next month.

Via: windowslatest