Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Android 11 Beta is available for OnePlus 8 Series

2 min read

Yesterday Google finally launched the Android 11 Beta Developer Preview, which has been postponed twice compared to the original plan. Of course, the new version officially launched by Google only supports Google Pixel 2/3/4, but third-party manufacturers are of course also actively adapting the Android 11 public beta version in hopes of bringing a live community.

In terms of adaptation, it seems that OnePlus is relatively fast because OnePlus has now launched an Android 11 Beta Developer Preview for geek users, and now supports mainly OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro versions, and the installation packages are respectively 2.5GB and 2.6GB.

OnePlus also emphasized that the current developer preview version is not suitable for ordinary users, because this version has more known problems and will also clear all user data.

Known Issues

  1. All data will be cleared while flashing the build
  2. Face unlock is unavailable
  3. Google Assistant (“OK Google”) does not work
  4. Video calling does not work
  5. Certain UI screens look less than desirable
  6. Some apps may not function as expected
  7. System stability issues

For supported devices, users need to manually download the installation package and transfer it to the mobile phone storage directory, and then customize the installation package in the system update to flash the machine. Here we also need to emphasize that users must back up all their data before upgrading. After the update is complete, if the user needs to downgrade, the operation method is similar, download the Android 10 version of the installation package and flash. Note that whether upgrading Android 11 beta or downgrading Android 10, there is a risk of bricking.