Opera introduces a gaming browser Opera GX that allows users to control hardware resource usage

gaming browser Opera GX

At this year’s E3 show, Opera released what it called “the world’s first game browser”, a version of Opera customized to attract gamers, called Opera GX. The real highlight of this new browser is a control panel that allows users to set up resources for hardware such as CPU and memory.

Browsers are often criticized for over-occupying resources, especially Google’s Chrome browser. It is therefore wise to let users set the available hardware resources through the Opera GX option. The Opera GX Control Panel will also display the used and available quantities of each hardware resource at any time.

Opera also has some new content that focuses on games. The new tab screen will show game offers as well as a variety of game, technology, and entertainment news stories. Like the standard version of Opera, the browser also has a permanent bar on the left side of the screen for quick access to a variety of settings and services, including a new panel for quick access to Twitch subscriptions, which can also be sent to users when streaming is online.

Of course, since this is a “game” product, there are also customizable colors. By default, the browser is black with tabs and icons highlighted in red. However, this accent color is completely customizable. Opera GX also includes new features built into regular Opera, including free encrypted pipe communication services and pop-up panels for access to chat services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Via: theverge