Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

OpenWrt v18.06.1 & v17.01.0 released: Linux operating system targeting embedded devices

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The OpenWrt Project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices. Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt provides a fully writable filesystem with package management. This frees you from the application selection and configuration provided by the vendor and allows you to customize the device through the use of packages to suit any application. For developers, OpenWrt is the framework to build an application without having to build a complete firmware around it; for users this means the ability for full customization, to use the device in ways never envisioned. In 2016, the LEDE project was founded as a spin-off of the OpenWrt project and shared many of the same goals. The project aimed at building an embedded Linux distribution that makes it easy for developers, system administrators or other Linux enthusiasts to build and customize software for embedded devices, especially wireless routers. The name LEDE stood for Linux Embedded Development Environment.


People install LEDE because they believe it works better than the stock firmware from their vendor. They find it is more stable, offers more features, is more secure and has better support.

  • Extensibility: LEDE provides many capabilities found only in high-end devices. Its 3000+ application packages are standardized, so you can easily replicate the same setup on any supported device, including two (or even five) year old routers. More…
  • Security: LEDE’s standard installation is secure by default, with Wi-Fi disabled, no poor passwords or backdoors. LEDE’s software components are kept up-to-date, so vulnerabilities get closed shortly after they are discovered. More…
  • Performance and Stability: LEDE firmware is made of standardized modules used in all supported devices. This means each module will likely receive more testing and bug fixing than stock firmware which can be tweaked for each product line and never touched again. More…
  • Strong Community Support: LEDE team members are regular participants on the LEDE ForumLEDE Developer and LEDE Admin mailing lists, and LEDE’s IRC channels. You can interact directly with developers, volunteers managing the software modules and with other long-time LEDE users, drastically increasing the chances you will solve the issue at hand. More…
  • Research: Many teams use LEDE as a platform for their research into network performance. This means that the improvements of their successful experiments will be available in LEDE first, well before it gets incorporated into mainline, vendor firmware. More…
  • Open Source/No additional cost: LEDE is provided without any monetary cost. It has been entirely created by a team of volunteers: developers and maintainers, individuals and companies. If you enjoy using LEDE, consider contributing some effort to help us improve it for others! All of the above is possible because LEDE is part of the Open Source community, and powered by Linux kernel. Get the source code…

openwrt v18.06.1 & v17.01.0 releases.



Some selected highlights of the service release are:

  • Linux kernel updated to versions 4.9.120/4.14.63 (from 4.9.111/4.14.52 in v18.06.0)
  • Security fixes for Opkg, Curl, Mbedtls, OpenSSL and the Linux kernel
  • Binary builds for the at91 and ath25 targets
  • Updated mwlwifi driver
  • Improved input validation for rpcd uci ubus calls
  • Crash fixes in libuci
  • Assorted bug fixes in netifd


343c3be scripts/ generate revision relative to the reboot tag (+2,-10)
fa69553 branding: add LEDE branding (+76,-85)
694f060 download: add @GITHUB download facility (+2)
7322cca scripts: metadata: add CONFIG_TARGET_SUBTARGET symbol (+12)
54fbe8a introduce new variable OUTPUT_DIR (+4,-1)
c47abde include/ default to CPU_TYPE for the package architecture (+2,-1)
aad2b92 include/ introduce Repository values (+2,-1)
9a04a80 scripts: metadata: use the new “Repository” field (+3,-2)
be575fd include: remove now unused PACKAGE_SUBDIR variable (-3)
bf4bfd8 scripts: remove “Package-Subdir” metadata handling (-1)
941fc5e global: introduce ALL_NONSHARED symbol (+12,-3)
5170393 include: choose package output directory based on repository info (+25,-19)
32a0b8c include/ rework repository url handling (+8,-7)
d87c303 include/ flag kmod packages as nonshared by default (+1)
349e7b6 include: fix nonshared flag handling (+3,-2)
02def71 include/ disambiguate package architecture (+1,-1)
1191eef include: bin/ dir was not created (+2,-2)