OneDrive let user automatically prevent specific files from being saved to the cloud

Microsoft OneDrive cloud service can help us save various files and content, usually, we can save the files by moving them to the corresponding folder.

In the previous update, Microsoft also supported adding folders such as desktops and documents to the synchronization range, that is, automatically saving all files in these folders to prevent loss.

But the problem is that the function provided by Microsoft can help us save all files. If you don’t want to save a specific file, you must delete or remove it from the backup folder.

According to the latest roadmap update of the Microsoft Office 365 team, Microsoft plans to bring OneDrive the ability to prevent files in certain formats from being automatically saved to the cloud.

OneDrive Windows 10 v2004

According to the plan, Microsoft plans to provide users with specific file format exclusion functions. For example, the wildcard asterisk *.exe can be used to exclude all executable files from synchronization.

After the user performs a simple configuration, all unnecessary files can be blocked from uploading to the cloud, which can improve synchronization efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

According to Microsoft’s instructions, users can exclude things such as cached logs and cached files to avoid long-term upload occupying too much network bandwidth and free space on the network disk.

This feature is also one of the most popular features from users, but after many years of feedback, Microsoft finally decided to bring the file exclusion feature to this cloud storage service.