Microsoft will provide tools to help users address the unexpected “File is in use” behavior

Generally, files cannot be deleted, moved, or renamed when they are used, because these operations may cause damage to the contents of the file.

Although Windows 10 sometimes pops up prompts to tell us what program is in use, sometimes the system cannot accurately tell us the name of the used program.

This problem caused us to be unable to complete the operation when we wanted to delete the file, so the Microsoft PowerToys team is ready to help us solve this problem.

When the file is in use, it is not easy to check the corresponding software through the task manager, but the resource monitor provided by Microsoft can actually find it out.

Resource monitor will list various file calls and process usage in detail, including those hidden DLL dynamic link library files that can be retrieved correctly.

It’s just that the resource monitor is a little troublesome for ordinary users, because it may take longer for ordinary users to check the contents.

In order to solve the file resource manager’s inability to quickly and effectively solve the file occupation problem, the Microsoft PowerToys team is ready to bring us a simple solution. The team mentioned a solution to resolve this problem in the roadmap.

If the user needs to release the file in use, only the corresponding process needs to be ended. This method is much simpler than the user’s troubleshooting through the resource monitor.

If it goes well, this feature will come in the PowerToys version update sometime next year, and this update will not follow the major version of Windows 10.

Via: windowslatest