Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

OneDrive for Android reaches 1 billion install on Play Store

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Microsoft gave up its own Windows mobile phone platform and turned into an Android and iOS application developer. It seems to have fallen from its own price, but it has achieved great success. According to statistics, Microsoft OneDrive Android version has exceeded 1 billion downloads in the Google Play store, which is the second Android app of Microsoft after Word app.

“Grant onedrive-d Access to OneDrive”by xmodulo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

And do not forget, this is only Google Play Store downloads statistic, not including the third-party store to download, install APK separate download, and Samsung and some other manufacturers of mobile phones are also pre-installed OneDrive, so the actual figure is higher than 1 billion installations.

In the Google Play store, nearly 14 million people have been rated by OneDrive, with a combined score of 4.6/5.0 and even 0.1 points higher than Word. Other applications of the Office suite have been quite successful. Excel and PowerPoint downloads have exceeded 500 million, Outlook has exceeded 100 million.

Via: androidcentral