Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

GitHub announces to successfully upgrade to Rails 6.0

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GitHub announced that it has successfully upgraded to Rails 6.0. The GitHub platform is built with Rails. GitHub announces that it has successfully upgraded to Rails 6.0. Rails was one of the first large open-source projects hosted on GitHub. GitHub says their developers work closely with the upstream and participate in the development of the new version.


During Rails 6.0 development, GitHub engineers submitted more than 100 pull requests to improve documentation, fix bugs, add functionality, and improve performance. “For many GitHub contributors, this was the first time sending changes to the Rails framework, demonstrating that upgrading Rails not only helps GitHub internally, but also improves our developer community as well.”

GitHub said that upgrading Rails 6.0 to the production environment did not have any negative impact on the customer, the only “exception occur during testing, and it was hit by a bot.”