October browser market share: Google Chrome still dominates

October browser market share: Google Chrome still dominates

NetMarketShare recently released its browser market share data for October 2019. Compared with last month, Chrome has seen a slight decline, but it is still the first choice. It is still the browser of choice for nearly 70% of users.

It can be seen that the Chrome browser not only maintains a leading position in the market for a long time but also far exceeds the second place with great advantages.

Mozilla Firefox, which ranked second in October, also experienced a small decline, from 8.68% two months ago to the current 8.63%. However, compared to the market share gap between the first place, such small changes are not enough.

Internet Explorer is still the third-most-rated desktop browser, although there are no updates other than security patches. Microsoft now encourages users to switch to Microsoft Edge and even recommend not using Internet Explorer on a daily basis.

Although Microsoft is currently marketing the Edge browser, Internet Explorer still has a market share of 6.37% slightly higher than Microsoft Edge, which is currently 6.09%.