NVIDIA will not provide Android 10 update for NVIDIA SHIELD TV

Although NVIDIA completely withdrew from the mobile market in the early years and no longer produced mobile chips, NVIDIA is still a model among OEM manufacturers in terms of software support.

For example, the company launched the first NVIDIA SHIELD TV in 2015 and also received Android 9.0 in 2019 and other feature updates have not been interrupted.

Loyal users are already urging Nvidia to provide a new version of Android, but Nvidia has confirmed that the company will not provide Android 10.0 for SHIELD TV

The reason is that Nvidia believes that Android 10 does not bring new features that are particularly noteworthy, so there is no substantial change for SHIELD TV users.

Here’s the full statement from NVIDIA:

SHIELD development is still full steam ahead, we just had a release not too long ago. Android 10 was a no-op for Android TV, so we decided to skip it as the effort was large, and there was essentially no impact to end users other than the version string changing. Beyond that, we don’t talk about our Roadmap ahead of time anymore, but I can tell you there is still a lot of development going into SHIELD.

In fact, it is indeed anxious for NVIDIA SHIELD TV users to wait for the update, because the last time NVIDIA provided a feature update was in May 2020.

The Android TV update based on Android 9 is still in 2019, and more users expect NVIDIA to release the new system in time to bring more new features.

However, the hint of Nvidia staff may indicate that its team is already adapting to Android 11, and may even skip 11 and directly adapt to Android 12.

The good news is that NVIDIA will not give up these old devices and old users. NVIDIA SHIELD TV will continue to provide other updates even if there is no major version.

Via: Twitter user @mrjuzmafia