Nvidia CEO: the shortage of RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 may not be alleviated until early next year

Nvidia recently held a GPU technology summit and launched RTX A6000 GPU for professional users and A40 GPU for data center computing.

Of course, ordinary consumers are more concerned about the shortage of RTX 30 series graphics cards. At present, this series of graphics cards are basically on sale, but it is difficult for consumers to buy them.

In response to this problem, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang also responded publicly, but the bad news is that the supply shortage will continue at least until the beginning of next year.


Image: Nvidia

The highlight of the RTX 30 series graphics card is that the price is relatively more affordable and the performance improvement is very obvious.

Therefore, the purchase demand for new GPU cards is very strong and there are scalpers who stock up and sell at high prices. This situation makes the RTX 30 series graphics cards very difficult to buy.

Jensen Huang emphasized that the current situation is not a supply problem between Nvidia and the manufacturer. It is because the demand is too large that the capacity provided by Nvidia and its partners cannot meet the demand.

Via: tomshardware