NVIDIA and BYD Join Forces to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Industry

During GTC 2023, NVIDIA announced a collaboration with BYD, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, to incorporate the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin automotive platform into the next-generation Dynasty and Ocean series electric vehicles, as well as a multitude of hybrid models.

Since its inception, DRIVE Orin has emerged as the most efficient automotive-grade processor on the market, becoming the platform of choice for a majority of new energy vehicles, autonomous taxis, shuttles, and trucks.


Source: Nvidia

Inherently scalable and adhering to stringent safety standards, DRIVE Orin can execute 254 trillion operations per second, facilitating artificial intelligence-assisted driving and autonomous applications while ensuring dependable vehicular safety.

Through partnering with BYD, NVIDIA aims to expand the applications of the DRIVE Orin automotive platform, thereby accelerating the evolution of intelligent vehicles.

Furthermore, NVIDIA emphasized its collaboration with Foxconn announced at CES 2023, which introduced the DRIVE Orin automotive platform and DRIVE Hyperion architecture, spurring the creation of energy-efficient autonomous vehicles across the industry. This collaboration will expedite the release of smart vehicle models built on DRIVE Orin while leveraging Foxconn’s standardized production processes to control the production costs of intelligent vehicles.