Nvidia: 2K@360Hz displays will be launched this year

The 1080P@360Hz monitor that was launched on the market the year before can be said to have been loved by many hard-core esports gamers as soon as it came out. With the support of its 1080P resolution and 360Hz refresh rate, players can enjoy extremely smooth pictures and very low response time. Although the 360Hz refresh rate is very good, the 1080P resolution is also destined for only those players who specialize in e-sports games who will buy these displays. After all, for many people, 2K resolution would be the best choice when playing games now.

However, you should not have to worry about whether you want the ultimate refresh rate or higher resolution in the future, because NVIDIA announced at CES 2022 that a series of 2K@360Hz displays will be launched this year. NVIDIA claims that these next-generation 27-inch 1440p (2K) resolution panels have more pixels and higher resolution, which can effectively improve the experience of e-sports players by about 3%.

Just like the previous 1080P@360Hz monitors, these new 2K@360Hz monitors have hardware G-Sync certification and the Reflex Analyzer series of delay analysis tools that many people have never used but should have heard of. It allows players to better know what the delays of their computers are and make corresponding hardware replacements in time.

NVIDIA finally stated that AOC, MSI, Asus, and ViewSonic will launch 2K@360Hz displays during the year.