Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Nokia releases announcement of the cancellation of participation in MWC 2020 conference

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Recently, Nokia announced that it would withdraw from MWC 2020 for health and safety reasons. Every year at the MWC, Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, and other manufacturers’ booths are the most popular. The decision of Nokia will undoubtedly hurt MWC 2020.

Nokia OEM TVs
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Nokia stated in the statement:

“While the health and safety of our employees is our absolute priority, we also recognize that we have a responsibility to the industry and our customers. In view of this, we have taken the necessary time to evaluate a fast-moving situation, engage with the GSMA and other stakeholders, regularly consult external experts and authorities, and plan to manage risks based on a wide range of scenarios.

The conclusion of that process is that we believe the prudent decision is to cancel our participation at Mobile World Congress. We want to express our thanks to the GSMA, the governments of China and Spain as well as Catalonia’s Generalitat, and many others who have worked tirelessly to address the challenges resulting from the novel coronavirus, and they have our full support as they move forward.”

Nokia is not the only company that canceled the press conference at MWC 2020 because of this epidemic. Previously, ZTE, LG, Ericsson, Amazon also stated that they would cancel this press conference at MWC 2020 and would only guarantee their presence.